1. The awards will be given per the selection by the Jury in the respective categories; the decision of the organizers will be final in any case.

2. The Jury will be selected by the organizers and no comments will be entertained for the same.

3. The individual or business or profession or service profile is mandatory to be attached with this form; absence of the same may disqualify the nomination / registration.

4. The nomination / registration fees for each form will be INR 5,500/- for each nomination / registration irrespective of the category selected.

5. The Pride of India or the organizers or the jury will not be responsible for the fake or wrong information submitted by the nominee; if found any, such nomination / registration may be rejected.

6. There will be no refunds of the nomination / registration fees in any case whatsoever.

7. All pages containing the information, along with the attached profiles or supporting documents should be duly self attested with stamp, and should be supported with the valid ID proof / registration certificate whichever applicable.

8. The Pride of India or the organizers reserves the rights to use all or part of any material (research material, data, photographs, news coverage, or any material provided by the participants) related to The Pride of Gujarat Awards in any of the market research or publicity purposes. However, the copyrights to all the data provided by the participants will remain with the owners; due care will be taken to protect the data from any misuse.

9. The organizers reserve the rights to cancel any award in a particular category or zone or any of the categories without assigning any or no reason.

10. The organizers also reserve the right to accept or decline any nominations / registrations without assigning any reason for the same.

11. For sponsorship opportunities, additional charges may apply.

12. The research and audits conducted for the award is independently done by the organizers, advisory board, and the jury members and it will be the right of the organizers to define the method that is done in a manner the organizers see feasible.

13. The decision by the jury members and the organizers will be final and binding to all participants and cannot be contested; in case of any contest, the decision of the organizers will be termed as final.

14. The participants does not have the right to question the integrity of the research, audit, and decision for the awards, or the group or body, at any point of time; the organizers have taken due care to have the best of the people in the jury.

15. The organizers reserves the right to cancel any nomination and forfeit any award to any other offer already been made to any participant or organization, if any participant, at any given point of time, misbehaves with any of the organizers or advisory board members, or jury members, or the team member of the organizers.

16. The organizers reserve the rights to add or remove any point or terms or conditions at any time in case of it feels by the organizers to be required, with / without notification, and without assigning any reason for the same.

17. I agree to all the terms and conditions and hereby agree to abide by the same. I also hereby declare that all the information submitted by me / my company is true and correct, and that the jury members or organizers can cross verify or do a research on the same to verify its truth. I also agree that if the jury members or organizers found any information to be false or fake, they may reject the nomination.

18. All conflicts entertained in Ahmedabad jurisdiction only.